In the making: I am crazy Henkie not! – Traveling through a psychosis.
Also available in Dutch – Ik ben gekke Henkie niet! – Een reis door een psychose.
The book wil also be available as Ebook.

This book is about a personal story and crazy experience what lasted from 2015 till 2022.
When medication pushed me into a psychosis
what lasted for 3 years.

Life became a weird but fascinating rollercoaster. I made the artwork on the cover while I was recovering from my psychosis.
In this work you see me standing on a planet looking at myself in a sculptural form, thinking WTF is going on. The cow on the top and the horse with the stop sign on his head explains that I really thought that I could communicate with animals. The up side down city explains how my life was turned up side down. Where the toxic sign explains, how I felt sick and really thought that I was dying. Where the most important part of this work is, where you see Ghandi climbing the cloud where a tree is growing from his head what symbolizes spiritual growth and recovery. Where after 7 years I fully recovered in the beginning of 2022. Now building up my life again with a clear mind and picking up my proces of becoming the creator that I wanted to become before I ended up in a psychosis.

The title of the book in the literal translation of a funny dutch sentence describes how the book is written in a light-hearted way, where mind power, optimism and perseverance are leading in this story

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”

-Franklin D.Roosevelt-