I am Hendrik Sprik a 41 years old student product concept design.
Specialising in yacht exteriors, mechanical watches and consumer products, where I focus on licensing my future concepts.
Besides designing things I have a passion for daytrading & investing where for the future I try to combine these 2 passions to make living, because this Is what I love to do the most.
And if I have time left I love to spend time on watchmaking and write poetry/make 90’s style boom bap hip hop.

At this moment I am in Antibes, where I try to look for daywork as a deckhand to learn as much as possible about how a superyacht is operated to become a better future designer and to look for optimalisation opportunities from a design perspective.
I have my STCW and ENG1.

I am just pursuing pleasures with long-term sense of fulfillment what brings freedom in many ways…

I don’t follow a formal design education.
My creative journey started as a b-boy (Breakdancer) and graffiti writer, what started my passion for sketching and design.

After starting a hip hop minded streetwear clothing brand “FreshFolks” in 2011 I realized that creating brand concepts & products is the most fascinating thing in the world, so I decided to focus on that.

While researching the product design field watching superyachts on youtube and finding the yacht design work of Eduard Gray I became fascinated by these extreme mechanical machines.
And after seeing the 63 meter superyacht Irimari designed by Espen Oeino in the port of Santa Cruz Tenerife in 2018 It clicked and I started to try to design superyachts.
Where in a later stage I added watches and consumer products because I have a passion for horology and in particularly a fascination for the Independent watchmaking artform and product design in general.
And through the youtube video’s of the kind folks of InventRight I learned about licensing, what fits my passion for passive income.

Creating with an entrepreneurial spirit is where I live for.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day!