42 years young dutch student product concept design specializing in yacht exteriors, mechanical watches and consumer products.
Focussing on finding a exterior yacht design position and licensing consumer products as a side hustle.

A true superyacht & horology nerd and general product design enthusiast.
Besides design I have a passion for day trading and making 90’s style rap music.

I started my creative journey In 1995 as a graffiti writer what made me fall in love with sketching and design what evolved.

After researching the product design field and seeing superyacht Irimari in the port of Santa Cruz, Tenerife in 2018 designed bij Espen Oeino I fell in love with superyacht design.
I don’t follow a formal design education, when I started in 2018 I just could not afford a propper design education so then I decided to educate myself, and now Iam In my 5th year of daily education.

At this moment I live In Antibes The South of France to search for a yacht exterior design internship/job and deckhand daywork to experience and learn from the captain and his crew about how a superyacht Is operated and to listen to their ideas for optimalisation from their perspective, to have a better understandig of the needs of those who operate the yacht.

Because I have still som much to learn I am willing to work unpaid in exchange for knowledge.

I have 3 months washdown experience on smaller yachts 9-15m and I have my STCW and ENG1 and as a son of a chief engineer with 10+ years working experience as a procesoperator for farmceutical/dairy companies, I can be a great engineer assistant, I love everything mechanical.

I am a discrete, social, hands on guy, with strong values and good work ethic.

If you are open to provide learning opportunitie, please contact me at.

+31648766745 – Whatsapp


Thank you for your time.