I am Hendrik Sprik a dutch creator, at daytime luxery yacht interior engineer,
at night time beginning student yacht & product design.
Combining my passion for superyachts, entrepreneurship, art, design, architecture, engineering, technology, research, sketching and 3D modeling.

After starting with graffiti back in 1995 i found my passion for creating, what lead me to learn graphic design in 2009 and start a small local clothing brand “Holtenbronx” in 2011, what inspired me to start a more international clothing brand in the end of 2011 called FreshFolks Clothing, a streetwear brand for hip hop enthusiasts who share the same passion for the hip hop culture.
In 2014 i decided to quit FreshFolks to focus on becoming a designer.

Besides design i love to write poetry/philosophy and rap under the alias
“Def Arkitek”

On my website you can find some of the latest design projects i am working on.

If you have any questions feel free to bother me.